Jay Lamb

Jay Lamb

What is your association with Linda McLean:web-IACE1532
She coached me for Ironman Austria 2008

Your Personal Achievements :
Completing Ironman Austria

In 2004 I was an unfit smoker, in 2008 I complete an Ironman Triathlon, Linda was involved all the way through.

Linda is an exceptional coach. She has all the technical skills and knowledge you’d expect in a top coach and a great deal more besides.

In 2008 she coached me to complete an Ironman Triathlon 2 1/2 hours faster than my target time. This was in part a result of completing the excellent training plans she provided and the assessments she undertook of my running cycling and swimming techniques. It was also the nutritional, stretching and recovery advice she provided. But mainly it was the way she supported me by understanding why I was undertaking the challenge and how to motivate me. She balances the support and challenge sides of coaching exceptionally well.

web-IASA0988So, my training was always technically correct, well targeted and balanced with my other commitments. It was peppered with catch up calls, texts and emails as well as one to one sessions.  Each training plan also came with an inspirational quote, many of which I still use.

So in short, she’s exceptional.  Although be warned, she might smack you round the head with a flip flop if you give her too much cheek.


April 22, 2015