Tracey Joyce

Tracey Joyce

What is your association with Linda McLean:tracey
Linda has been supporting and advising me in my triathlon training

Your Personal Achievements:
Have completed several sprint triathlons, and long distance cycling events.  Linda is coaching me this year for my first (and possibly last) half Ironman

I think that Linda may be some sort of sorceress or magician as in only 5 weeks of following her swim training plan my endurance has built up and my times have become significantly faster, something I never thought I’d achieve. Linda has helped me gain confidence on my bike and advised me on the right equipment to use. She really knows her stuff and coaches with the right amount of patience, encouragement and just a wee bit of shouting, but only when I need it!

Her next challenge is to get me into a wetsuit and into open water!


April 22, 2015